Take Back Control: Supporting your Physical Health with Essential Oils: Top 4

As a society that is on constant go-go, many of us tend to suffer from high amounts of stress and anxiety, which over time can take a huge toll on the body, both mentally and physically.

Whether it be work, study, dealing with physical illness, this constant push from society to always be doing more, can get us stuck in a cycle, contributing to physical manifestations such as headaches, tension, muscle pain, fatigue, tiredness and more.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some incredible essential oils that can help you to take back control of your body, and promote the rest and healing that you so deserve.

First up, we’ve got peppermint.

Peppermint is probably amongst some of the most well known and most used oils and is commonly used for its refreshing and uplifting properties.

Peppermint oil promotes blood flow, increases alertness, helps to ease head and neck tension, and assists in relieving muscle pain, and this is why it is so beneficial to those suffering from stress, anxiety or physical conditions such as headaches, migraines, asthma or chronic fatigue syndrome, to name a few.

To use:

💧Two drops onto the palm of hands, rub together and inhale deeply.
💧One drop under the tongue.
💧1-2 drops diluted with fractioned coconut oil and applied across the temples, neck and back.

Copaiba & Frankincense

I’ve talked a little bit about copaiba in one of my previous posts which you can find here, but these two combined together are a super match!

Copaiba helps to calm and support the nervous system, making it a fantastic oil in helping manage anxiety and stress. Copaiba also assists in supporting the immune system, while also strengthening the digestive and respiratory systems.

Frankincense – known as the god of oils and thought to increase the therapeutic effect of any oil when used together. When you think of frankincense, you probably think of the Bible times when one of the three wise men brought a gift of frankincense to baby Jesus. Frankincense is an extremely diverse oil, covering a multitude of supports to the system – from promoting calm and relaxation, to supporting healthy cells, to the support of the immune, nervous and digestive systems.

As we oil lovers like to say – when in doubt – frank!

The use of copaiba and frankincense together have been known to help calm and relieve anxiety, improve mental clarity, and relieve headaches, and it’s not surprising due to the vast number of bodily systems these oils assist!

To use:

💧1 drop of each onto the thumb and press up on roof of mouth. Hold for 3 seconds.
💧1 drop of each in an empty veggie capsule.

Past Tense

This guy right here was a game changer for me personally. Having suffered chronic migraines and neck & shoulder tension for years, this guy changed it all.

PASTE TENSE is a blend of:
Wintergreen (soothing, uplifting & stimulating).
Lavender (soothing, calming).
Peppermint (invigorating, tension relieving, refreshing, energising).
Frankincense (cell & immune support, tension + muscle pain).
Cilantro (refreshing, detoxifying & cooling to the skin – supports healthy immune and nervous system functions).
Tea Tree (promotes healthy immune function).
Roman Chamomile (calms the skin, mind and body).
Basil (supports the cardiovascular and nervous systems, provides alertness and helps to relieve stress and tension).
Rosemary (reduces nervous tension & fatigue)

As you can see, there are a huge amount of benefits to this blend of oils. Used together, this blend provides a cooling/warming and soothing effect on the skin, calms stress and anxiety, supports the immune and nervous systems and reduces tiredness, fatigue and sore, aching muscles.

This is a must have for anyone who sufferers from muscle pain, fatigue or headaches.

💧Roll on to back of neck, back, shoulders and/or temples, close to the hairline.

Ice Blue

Ice Blue, also known as doTERRA’s athletic blend can be purchased either as an essential oil, or in this convenient muscle rub.

Just as the name suggests, this blend provides a cooling effect to sore muscles, and is fantastic for using post-workout, for those who suffer from arthritis, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue or muscle stiffness.

Again, this guy has been a game changer for me, providing a huge sense of calm and relief to my muscles, as this is still a big part of my chronic fatigue.

ICE BLUE uses a blend of:
Wintergreen (calms inflammation & muscle pain & helps with blood circulation).
Camphor (Cooling to the skin and helps to relieve pain by sedating the nerves).
Peppermint (refreshing, invigorating & clears the airways to promote healthy blood flow).
Ylang Ylang (Helps to relieve high blood pressure and adrenal fatigue).
Helichrysum (Helps to reduce inflammation).
Blue Tansy (Reduces inflammation and arthritic & fibromyalgia pain and aids in reducing headaches and migraines).
Blue Chamomile (Again, helps to reduce inflammation and bring a calm and soothing effect).
Osmanthus (Relaxes the mind, refreshing and energising).

As you can see, this blend of essential oils is extremely anti-inflammatory, aiding the body in workout and muscle recovery, bringing a sense of calm and relief to the body, while also providing the body with a sense of energy.

Another must have essential to add to your bag!

💧Apply a small amount to the tips of fingers, rub together and apply to sore muscles.

Just a few things to note…

💧doTERRA essential oils are 100% pure, making them extremely potent. Use a little to start with, as a little goes far.
💧Most doTERRA oils may be ingested, unless stated otherwise on the bottle.

Want to know more about how to support your body with the use of these amazing oils?

Leave a comment below, and reach out and message me! You can find me via instagram @em.ily_gray

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Let’s talk Essential Oils: ft. Copaiba, Vetiver and Balance

Today I’m going to be talking about 3 AMAZING essential oils: copaiba, vetiver and balance.

I tend to diffuse these 3 together on a daily basis, and they truly help relieve any stress, tension and anxiety I may be feeling. Match made in heaven!

First, let’s dive into copaiba and take a look at all that it has to offer!

Copaiba is a resin, derived from copaiba trees in the Amazon Forest and has a woody scent to it. Interestingly, one of copaiba’s main components is beta-caryophyllene, which is a similar ingredient to cannabinoids found in cannabis, however, this is completely safe and does not produce a “high effect.”  Copaiba is a great immune supporter. It is also great for the respiratory, digestive and cardiovascular systems and can reduce anxiety and tension. It’s also great to use on blemishes! Copaiba may be helpful in supporting:

-aches and pains
-nervous exhaustion
-insect bites

Can be diffused, used topically or taken internally. (see bottle for dosage recommendations).

A unique scent, but one of my favs!
This guy is part of the grass family and is unique in that, its roots grow fairly deep into the ground which provides a stable foundation for soil to grow optimally. This oil is so diverse and is known to promote a calming and grounding effect on an individual. It has a beautiful, woody, smoky/sweet smell to it, and has been known to have been used in many perfumes. It can be helpful in supporting:

-healing from shock and emotional trauma

I definitely recommend diffusing this one at bedtime for a solid night’s sleep. Blends well with lavender, ylang ylang, copaiba, balance. 

Can be diffused or used topically.

This guy is a blend, made up of spruce, ho wood, frankincense, blue tansy and chamomile. All of these oils help to promote feelings of harmony in the mind and body and provide a balancing effect on emotions. It has a sweet, fresh, woody scent to it and is super uplifting! It can be helpful in supporting:

-emotional overwhelm

Anything emotion related, this is your bestie! I use balance every day as a perfume to help soothe anxiety and stress, and diffuse it at home, during rest or study, to help focus and ground my emotions.


Diffuse all of these together and you have an immune boosting, stress relieving, emotion supporting haven! You can also layer these on your neck, temples and wrists for an on-the-go grounding feeling.

What is chronic fatigue syndrome? A dive into the life of chronic illness + my journey + self help advice for those struggling.

This post is designed to help give a better understanding of what chronic fatigue syndrome is, the symptoms and how to best help loved ones or yourself if you are going through this. From personal experience, the journey can be so lonely, so here’s some help + advice from a fellow warrior.

But first, a little look into my own personal journey for a bit of background…
I first fell ill when I was around 14 years old. For me, it was no sudden onset of symptoms, but an initial couple of symptoms, that gradually grew and led to rapid decline over the next 2 years. This led me to dropping out of school at the end of year 11, due to not being able to keep up with school expectations, and my energy being so depleted, my body would crash constantly. I spent a good year bed bound, with my limits becoming minimal – I would spend any where from around 14 hours in bed a day, became dependent on my mum for help as required, could rarely shower myself, became so foggy in the head as though I was constantly in a hazed state. Prior to this, I had gained 15+ kilos, went from being a dancer, to not being able to dance at all, being an overachiever, to someone who struggled to do even the simplest of tasks. It shook my life up and I couldn’t make sense of any of it. I felt isolated and alone, and just utterly exhausted.

It was shortly into my journey of illness that I began to seek medical advice…
Doctor after doctor, blood test after blood test, and they couldn’t find anything wrong with me. All my results came back normal, and as soon as doctor’s saw my blood work and that it was all normal, that was all they could do and I had to accept the fact that some doctor’s really didn’t understand what I was going through, (after all, it is an invisible illness) and doctors can only do some much when it comes to something such as chronic fatigue syndrome. I knew I needed to investigate in any other way that I could. If you can think of a treatment, I probably tried it! Everything from acupuncture, vega testing, lyme disease tests, urine samples, blood tests, heart monitoring, sleep apnea investigating, to chiropractic, brain retraining, natural therapies and nutritionists. I’ve tried it all… some very much alternative, and some more mainstream.

I can testify that 6 years later, not just one particular thing has helped. There has been no magic pill, no clicking a switch to fix it, no easy rehabilitation process. I would never wish this illness upon anyone. The road to progress and recovery has been a combination of many different things, an approach that looks at the body and each of its functions holistically.

And this is why I write this blog, in hopes of helping someone on their journey to recovery, in hopes that you can find the best treatments for your healing, in hopes that you don’t sit around late into the hours of the morning googling symptoms and wondering if it’s normal to feel that way, in hopes that you would know how best to approach this road. I want to you to know that IT IS POSSIBLE to get better from a chronic illness and to be able to live life to the fullest in the midst of it.

So… what exactly is chronic fatigue syndrome you ask? And how does one get it?
I guess you get some kind of an idea of what chronic fatigue is like, as mentioned above, but I will explain it in shorter form, using some definitions and explanations from google.

“Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is a debilitating disorder characterized by extreme fatigue or tiredness that doesn’t go away with rest and can’t be explained by an underlying medical condition. CFS can also be referred to as myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME) or systemic exertion intolerance disease (SEID).”

“Chronic fatigue syndrome is an illness that affects a person’s nervous system (commonly called a ‘neurological illness’). The term ‘myalgic encephalomyelitis’ means pain in the muscles, and inflammation in the brain and spinal cord.”

Unfortunately, there isn’t a whole lot of understanding around chronic illness, especially in the medical profession, but doctor’s do believe that the illness may be triggered by two possible things:

-A virus, such as Epstein Barr virus (glandular fever) or other viral infections.
-Psychological stress, eg. depression, anxiety, abuse, etc. (Especially ongoing stress).

When you think about this, especially the psychological stress, it does make some kind of sense that the body may be so affected – the brain is under ongoing stress, and is in constant flight mode, thus meaning that your brain and body do not get a chance to rest – this causes the immune system to become compromised.

I think I might have chronic fatigue, what should I do?!
Firstly, it’s good to see if what you’re experiencing matches up with the symptoms. These include, but are not exclusive to:

-brain fog (fogginess in the brain, not being able to think or process thoughts clearly)
-muscle weakness/joint pain
-tired, sore eyes
-tiredness that does not go away with sleep
-Extreme exhaustion lasting more than 24 hours after physical or mental exercise
-Short term memory loss
-Sore throat or swollen lymph nodes

If you experience these symptoms, I recommend first going to a doctor. They can take some blood tests to rule anything out first. If results come back clear (which they usually will in a chronic fatigue patient), then I suggest finding a naturopath who specialises in alternative therapies and are familiar with illnesses such as these.

I’m struggling so much – nothing seems to be helping, what can I do?
I understand this all too well! – But I’m here to tell you that there is hope. Here are some things that have helped me alleviate symptoms, help during flare ups and promote peace and calm in the body and mind. (If you google any of these things, you can read up on the science + proven benefits behind them too – so, that is encouraging):

Essential oils (Especially peppermint – pop a couple of drops in your bath, diffuse it in your bedroom, rub some on the temples. This will help promote energy and assist in aiding exhaustion and brain fog)

Stretching (sounds simple, but a sore, aching body needs it. Simple stretches will help promote blood flow, causing some energy to flow in, and will relax and energise sore muscles).

Hydration (Helps to lessen headaches)

Rest. Listen to your body. If it says rest, you need to rest. There is no point pushing your body further than it is capable of and then being bed bound for the following week trying to recover. (Turn the lights out, diffuse some oils, listen to some calming music).

Meditation and relaxation exercises. Your brain is in fight or flight mode, which is giving your body ALERT messages in the form of symptoms. Help alleviate some of these symptoms by listening along to a guided meditation, practising deep breathing or doing yoga.

Epsom salts. A bath with Epsom salts will help soothe tired, aching muscles. Add a couple of drops of peppermint essential oil to boost the effect.

Nourish! Rainbow foods – fruit + veggies. Try to alleviate any foods that may be causing tummy upset, leading to inflammation. Many people react to gluten and dairy, so maybe try cutting these out of your diet or lessening your intake.

*Please note: These suggestions come from personal experience and are not intended to treat or cure chronic fatigue syndrome. These are things that have helped me and that I have researched to develop an understanding of their benefits, and I believe can help aid in the recovery of chronic illness.

Helpful links:
Emerge Australia – an organisation that educates others about chronic fatigue syndrome, and everything you need to know from symptoms, to management, etc – https://emerge.org.au

A former CFS sufferer, and the program he has developed to help aid recovery from illness – https://www.youtube.com/user/TobyTVCFShttps://cfshealth.com

A young lady and her journey through CFS, and what has helped in her recovery journey – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCctsJOxJwHkc6aDkXOhWatg

A free + fantastic meditation app – https://itunes.apple.com/au/app/insight-timer-meditation-app/id337472899?mt=8

Got any more questions in regards to chronic fatigue syndrome, my journey or specific treatments? Leave a comment below and I will answer your questions in a blog post, or a FAQ.

Let me introduce myself!


Hello! Thanks for joining me on this adventure.

I’m Emily and I have decided to create this blog in order to share my journey through chronic illness, things that have helped me on my road to recovery, and general wellness tips and advice.

I am a passionate and driven gal, with a desire to help others around me live their best life. With over six years of experience living with chronic illness, I am passionate about sharing my journey with you, and everything that has helped me on my road to healing.

What do I do with my time?
I work part time as a barista in a wonderful cafe, alongside people who make me laugh. I run my own little business, creating home decor and accessories, specialising in all things pom pom. On my days off, you can usually find me scrolling through insta, hanging out at a cafe, shopping, or napping at home. I plan to start studying health science, specialising in naturopathy late this year or early next year.

I am a follower of Christ, a daughter, a sister, a lover of nature, coffee and music.

Things you can expect to see on this blog, include and will relate to:

-Brain health and neuroplasticity.
-Chronic illness
-Essential oils
-Natural remedies
-Mental health
-General health and wellbeing advice

-Personal experience/testimonies through my own personal journey
-LGBT related posts

I can’t wait to share this journey with you, and walk with you on this road to wellness. Would you join me?